Greg Prince, John Dehlin, and Travis Stratford, members of the team that led this project, have granted permission for release of the following:

Initial Report

Understanding Mormon Disbelief (March 2012)

Provided the data upon which the following reports were based, at least in large part.

Faith Crisis Report


For context, please see the Prologue on page iii (pdf pg. 3) and Project Impetus & Background on pages 135–139 (pdf pgs. 68–70).

Faith Crisis Chronicles


Includes a number of qualitative narratives collected in 2013 as part of a separate survey (some of these inputs were included in the Uchtdorf report). Uchtdorf later indicated that he read each of these narratives.

BYU-H Symposium Presentation


Part of this presentation focused on “user generated content” in the post-Mormon community and included a site-traffic analysis and growth projection for the r/exmormon subreddit. Back in Oct 2016, there were 34K registered members of that community. Today there are almost 97K registered members, which is more or less on target per the projection to reach 200K in 2020. And while the number of registered users is impressive, the number of “lurkers” and level of engagement per user is especially fascinating. See Slides 17–31 for more info.

More context

Please note that this project was pro-bono work (conducted without pay and without being commissioned by Church leadership). These are NOT official LDS reports, internal or otherwise.

A 2020 Gospel Tangents interview with Matt Harris and Newel Bringhurst, part 1 and part 2, discuss the influence of this report and Travis Stratford’s efforts in the public release of the Gospel Topics essays.

edits: Clarification about target audience and the non-official nature of the work; Added the Initial Report section and included mention of John Dehlin as co-lead on the project. Travis and Greg sent me an updated report which provides complete context for the genesis of the report, so I now link to that report and reference the pages that provide that context.

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