This survey has been designed to better understand the experiences of those who have had visitations with divine messengers/beings (for example, a visitation with Jesus Christ, an angelic messenger, or perhaps a demonic messenger)

The survey is anonymous (no email addresses are collected). You are under no obligation to participate, and you are free to withdraw from the survey at any time you like.

I was an academically trained professor (no longer in academia) who is interested in studying divine visitations. The study is strictly informal (unrelated to my employment or any other affiliation of mine) and is being conducted simply because I am interested in better understanding the nature of people’s experiences. There is no compensation provided for participating, but when I have completed the survey I plan to post all raw results and analyses to

Thank you for your participation.

If you have been visited by some kind of divine being (especially Jesus Christ), please take the survey:

Link to the Survey

Survey Results

When I have completed the survey, a link to raw and summarized results will be posted here.