The scripture and history of the Church is full of many examples of people drinking mild drinks (beer and wine).

Jesus Christ approved of drinking alcohol

Turned water into wine

Jesus’s first recorded miracle was to turn water into wine (John 2:1-11). If drinking alcohol is categorically evil, it seems like the Savior would not have done this.

Used an alcoholic drink to institute the sacrament on both continents

See Mark 14:23-24 and 3Ne 18:1-14.

All the Nephites drank wine

Across the entire duration of the Nephite civilization, they had no problem with wine (e.g., Alma 55:30-31 and Moroni 5:1-2). It is safe to assume that all the great Nephite prophets drank wine (although wine-bibbing like King Noah encouraged was frowned upon).

The first 5 Church prophets drank alcohol

Joseph Smith

Here are just a few examples. All of these occurred years after the WoW was revealed.

We then took some refreshment and our hearts were made glad with the fruit of the vine. This is according to the pattern set us by the our Saviour him self when he graced the marriage in Cana of Gallilee and turned the water into wine that they might make themselves joyful, and we feel disposed to patronize all the institutions of heaven. josephsmithpapers

Elder O. Hyde, Eldr L. Johnson, and Eldr W. Parrish who served on the occasion then presented the Presidency with three Servers filled with glasses of wine to bless. It fell to my lot to attend to this duty, which I cheerfully discharged. It was then passed round in order, then the cake in the Same order. Suffise it to say our hearts were made glad, while partaking of the bounty of the earth which was presented untill we had taken our fill. josephsmithpapers

Called at the office and drank a glass of wine with Sister Jenetta Richards, made by her mother in England, and reviewed a portion of the conference minutes. (History of the Church)

Drank a glass of beer at Moessers. (Millennial Star - see 3rd paragraph from the bottom of the page on the right column.)

This occurred 2 weeks before JS’s death. Incidentally, the above phrase about JS grabbing a beer was excised when the Church republished the History of the Church in 1912 (compare the Millenial Star link with this).

Brigham Young

As an early apostle, Brigham Young would have been present at many of the meetings where they drank alcohol. His sermons are filled with discussion of alcohol in various forms and it is strongly implied that he drank.

[beer] is a mild drink, and is very pleasant and agreeable to a great many … (source)

John Taylor

Sometime after dinner we sent for some wine. It has been reported by some that this was taken as a sacrament. It was no such thing; our spirits were generally dull and heavy, and it was sent for to revive us. I think it was Captain Jones who went after it, but they would not suffer him to return. I believe we all drank of the wine, and gave some to one or two of the prison guards. (History of the Church)

Wilford Woodruff

[These instances may be considered ‘medicinal’–took at the end of his life]

I drank some Hot Lemonade with a little brandy in it. Went to bed and soon to sleep. (source)

The swelling in my body and limbs has gone down. My pulse are normal. I have no pain. Weak in my limbs. I eat bread & milk and drink Cacao & a little port wine. (source)

June 9, 1897 - President Wilford Woodruff writes: “I was quite restless all night. Felt chilly. Took a little Brandy sling and a cup of coffee, and slept some before daylight and until 9 am.” (source)

Lorenzo Snow

Jan 12, 1899 - At the weekly meeting in the Salt Lake Temple of the First Presidency and Apostles, Rudger Clawson writes that “the tables were spread and the brethren partook of the sacrament. After the bread and wine were blessed by Pres. Snow, [they] ate and drank freely until satisfied. It was indeed a time of refreshing and one long to be remembered.” (source)