John D. Lee was in a disciplinary (?) council with the Q12. Towards the end of the council, Brigham Young discussed his personal philosophy on women and honesty (some minor punctuation and spelling errors have been corrected; see appendix for original D. Michael Quinn transcription):

… If you get a woman that is so righteous when punched sore she would not lie, it’s a miracle. … I know of instances in the Church where 90 times or 100 he will tell you the truth; 99 times out of a man where you will get once a woman to answer. Take a sister and she will cry and look and live in the name of the Lord when a man will tell the truth. Men are honest—but women have to be dependent [on] men for their Salvation. You get a woman that won’t lie when punched hard enough, and if she won’t lie, she is a miracle. I’ll tell you I never love a woman so well that I cannot say good bye. …

Transcript for Dec 9, 1847

Below is, to my understanding based on the Mormon History podcast ep 15 the minutes of the Quorum of the 12 for December 9, 1847.

I copied this from the Mormon Church History blog, entry Mormon History, Dec 9, 1847, which was presumably copied out of the appendix of D. Michael Quinn’s “The Mormon Hierarchy: Origins of Power.”

[Minutes, Quorum of Twelve] 9 Decem[be]r 1847

Bro John D Lee said to me that Brigham told him if he would give up Emeline to him he would uphold him in time and in eternity & he never should fall, but that he would sit at his right hand in his kingdom-

Bro Lee also said he had frigged Louisa Free 20 times in one night and I told him I did not believe it, [but] he called God and Angels to witness that he told the truth-I then told him he was a bigger fool than I thought he was if he would allow his arse to run away with his head, [and] he said he believed he had the Devil in him for he could not get satisfied, [and] he went home from here after frigging so often and frigged all the women he had in his house. [He] also told him me that Emeline Woolsey was a dirty little strumpet & if she went of[f] to St Louis or St Joseph where her Bro[ther]: was that she would allow everybody to frigg her & he would not take her when she came back.

G[eorge]. D. Grant

Dec[ember]. 9, 1847. 11 A.M. A Special Council At a meeting of the Council of the Twelve & Presidency of Seventies in the Council House.

Present. Pres[iden]ts. [Willard] Richards, [Ezra T.] Benson, [George A.] Smith, [Wilford] Woodruff, [Brigham] Young, [Orson] Pratt, J[oseph]. Young, Z[era]. Pulsipher, A[lbert]. P. Rockwood, G[eorge]. D. Grant, B[enjamin]. L. Clapp, Bishop Knight, A[aron]. Johnson, W[illia]m. I. Appleby.

J[ohn]. D. Lee appeared to answer to his past misconduct-

Joseph Young opened by prayer (24 min[utes] to 12) & then stated the cause of being called together. [B]ro. J. D. Lee is one of the 70s. [T]here is not a man in this Camp but what has heard of bro Lee & his family. I have turned a deaf ear on acc[oun]t. of the delicate nature of the case-I could not stop any longer-& the enquiry is what shall we do-I must enquire into bro Lee s circ[umstanc]es if I run ag[ain]st. a Snag. [T]his is a Council of enquiry-Documents have been written to me, from Sis Nancy Bean, Martha Berry & I want to know if these things are so-[T]his is a matter of fellowship with me, not [that] a man shall be exonerated from such things-I want to know if we are big enough to reprove bro Lee & save his Soul-& for the Twelve to say if we are right or wrong-

Rob[er]t. Campbell read a document from Nancy Bean., also another Document by G[eorge].

D. Grant-[T]hese things concern a matter of fellowship-& I want bro Lee as know as he is one of the 70s that he is bef[ore]: the proper tribunal-

J. D. Lee [said he] has a charge that he never expected to be on his head-[A]s the God that rules in heaven & before God & Angels the greater part of the statements are false-I did not suppose any man had greater veneration for authorities than me-[T]o the best of my knowledge I never made use of such expressions in regard to Joseph-So help me God-[S]everal attempts were made to remove me from Presiding where I was-I wanted to know what crime I had committed-an enquiry was made. I said I was a Hi[gh] Priest, & never said I was not a 70-[T]he difference was settled between me & the parties who were concerned in my household affairs-[T]he police decided they had nothing to do with it-[T]here were more lies told in this Winter Quarters about me last Summer than wo[ul]d. fill this Council House, if each lie was no bigger than a mustard seed-I made arrangements with Sister Beans Father about Nancy going with me next Spring-[S]he treated me most shameful-she is very high Spirited. I never sent Caroline Williams away from me-[though] she had done enough for me to send her off.-I have been imprudent in some things-I am sorry these things are raked up to destroy my influence-[M]y feelings have been this Summer that I wo[ul]d. be glad if the Earth would open & swallow me up, & I would be glad if it were so now-I have always been obedient to the Council & am now-why I sho[ul]d. be accused in this way I know not-& am sorry to see persons who take pleasure in causing me to suffer. (proceding by Jos[ep]h. Young or questioned)

G[eorge]. D. Grant[:] I had no such idea of persecution altho[ugh] I heard this conversation of shooting one another-I wanted the thing settled-I can find dozens of men in this Court who he has talked to about his frigging his Women-I have heard it from dozens-& things a great deal more ridiculous than that-I like to see things done right. I dont want to see a man walk up bef[ore]. bro. Young full of compassion, & behind his back full of devil-

Jos[ep]h. Young [:] If I understand what decency is-these matters try his salvation. /fellowship./ [F]irst one & then another come down & tell me these things-[B]ro Stewart tells me all manner of stuff about bro Lee. Sister Bean told me these things as being in the presence of God-

I know by the Sp[irit] of the Lord that bro Lee got some of those women by fraud-& I know he ought to be whipt-[M]y Soul is wrung out of me by these things & he ought to feel the smart of it.

[B]r Lee was disgusted at me in Nauvoo when I proposed to him to pick a Quorum of his own & for him to preside-[B]ut he said he wo[ul]d. not be content unless he was in my Councils-[H]e is tyrannical-& no man got the bighead more than he had-[W]ill every man & woman come from the Farm & make complaints without some foundation[?]-Sis Berry says that the language in your house is [the] same as a Common Strumpet House-I know that bro Lee is worthy of reproof-& unless he alters his course he cannot have the fellowship of the Quo[rum]. of the 70s. I dont want any man to cover up the truth-I know that his course is most dastardly, calling every woman bitches, strumpets, & every thing nasty about the privates-[H]e has got to walk up to virtue & chastity & lead his women by a thread, instead of driving them with a cable-[H]e has been too big for his Cloth. I know it O Lord-[blank] (H. C. Kimball came in) [D]oes God love every man [a]like[?]-

[H]e is no respecter of persons-[L]et it go on the Dockets & stand against him-if he is unrighteous he is unrighteous & will be dealt with accord[in]g. to his merits-I have heard testimonies enough about it-& all the Sophistry he can make use of until Sundown can make me bel[iev]e otherwise-

[B]r Lee has not denied those charges, he has threatened to cut one of his women s throats-& drove another out of his house-[W]hat a poor consolation it is to call me daddy, or husband, with hell to look upon in his house-[H]e will have to have his Sp[irit] melted down like Wax-[I]f he throws out braces ag[ain]st. reproof he is bound to be more deserving of reproof than he now is-[Y]our being in bro Brighams family will not save you, unless you do right-[I]t is disgraceful & wicked in the sight of God-Martha Berry told me it was thro[ugh] deception.-I just bel[ieve], if “ of the Stories are true that every one of them are liberated from him & he cannot hold them unless it is their own free will to stay-

J. D. Lee[:] I do not put my foot ag[ain]st. reproof. I am not going to say it is not so-it is useless to say any thing in justification-& I will try & be like wax. I want you to hang on to me & not cast me off. I pray God that things will come out as they are-& let every body suffer who deserves it-[E]very thing about Sis Berry is to get her awa[y] from me & to seal her to Amasa Lyman-[P]erhaps I have been too forward-I ask every one pardon. I hope some day all things will be investigated-[A]s to bro Johnson he will run his race short with any one I prophecy that- (B[righam]. Y[oung].[: N]ot while I have any thing to do with him.)

A. P. Rockwood[:] I feel that bro. Joseph has hoed him down pretty severely & not without cause-

B. Y.[: W]hat we do here is for anoth each others good-[W]e must not quench the Sp[irit]. of the L[or]d., if it comes like forked lightning let it come-

J. D. Lee[:] I saw Martha Berry ab[ou]t. 3 weeks ago & talked with her, [and] she said her mother was expecting I would be cut off from the Church & she was told to hold on-

B. L. Clapp[:] Mrs. Berry told me of these same things-[M]y advice to Martha was [to] keep your Covenant with bro Lee-I am sorry of bro Lee s failures & imperfections-he is a passionate man-I would be glad to see him redeem himself-I feel that t

he reproof has been from the Lord-

B Y.[: I] ask J. D. Lee, did you sa[y] to M. Bean what you had done for her was by bro.

Brigham s council[?]-Ans[we].r.[:] I have had a deal of trouble with that woman-she wo[ul]d. curse & swear like a trooper-I told her to go away if she was dissatisfied-[and] she caused Louisa to be dissatisfied-I struck Louisa with a switch-[S]he humbled herself-I was sorry-[and] she acknowledged it was all for her good-

Jos[ep]h. Young[:] Did you whip your old wife[?]-J D Lee[:] No Sir.-I am satisfied we never sho[ul]d. have any trouble-I never threw the brick at her as God is my judge.

J. Young-Wherever a man goes beyond, where is placed, that thing begins to react & falls back on him-[W]here God places a man he can manage that thing even to splitting a hair-If bro Lee had weighed himself in the sight of God he wo[ul]d. have saved himself & this thing wo[ul]d. not have happened-[W]ithout there is a reformation in bro Lee he can not have the fellowship of the 70s. [H]is soul must be chastened bef[ore]. the Lord-[H]e must be reproved, that he may be saved-God is no respecter of persons-Go it. Go it. with the smoothing plane until the Sp[irit] of the L[or]d. comes down & when these are righted-uphold him bef[ore]. all things-I pray God that bro Lee may-I wo[ul]d. wash his feet & anoint him over again.

B. Young. I have heard men talk of these Stories-[S]ome ma[y] have feelings right-others wrong-I have feelings ag[ain]st. conduct-I know bro G[eorge]. D. Grant has no feelings ag[ain]st. bro Lee, for I am a judge of Sp[irit]-I know what bro Joseph has said is spiritually true-I have trembled for bro Lee. I have been afraid of him going so far as to leave the Ch[urch]-[H]e has not got wisdom to manage such big business. I expect he did wrong-I told him how to divide the land-& draw cuts-I understand bro. Lee took 70 acres-& sent Men a great wa[y] to cultivate 2 acres. I know that bro Lee has women who are disgusted with such Language-[M]y Council is not to get so many Women together, it is a ticklish matter-

J. Young[: A]s regards [to] the great no. [number] of bre[thre]n with me, you have got to take a strait course with your men & women-[E]ither release the[m], or have them passive-I feel that a man who has power with the Lord, should quell down this Sp[irit]-[I]f it continues you will be lopt off-[I]f you plead you have done right that s no justification-[C]ry out forgive me & I will try to do good-

B. Young[:] I wo[ul]d. say to every man & woman [that] I am perfectly willing. I will give you a writing-be free, be happy, I say to you-I know bro Lee s course-I have trembled for him, lest he sho[ul]d. soar where he co[ul]d. not keep his balance & fall. [T]here is no o[the]r. course for bro Lee but to let every man & woman be free-[I]f you take 99 men & women out of 100-he will tell you 99 truths to the woman telling 1 truth-[T]he women will cry to think that I should think so-[T]hey will lie in the name of the Lord-& in their own name-[T]hey are dependent on men to save them-I feel that I co[ul]d. say to every man & woman go in peace & the Lord bless you & I bless you-but yet I would lug the load just as long as the Lord helps me-(5 min[utes] past 2)

B. Y.[:] I decide that your remarks to bro Lee have been just & right.

J. Y.[:] I move that bro Lee puts himself in the attitude to his family. that B. Y.[:] /I move that/ The best way is to call a family meeting & talk to them, tell them he is frank & free & wants to do right. & if [there is] any wrong [it] is in them [and] they to bear it-[I]f they want their liberty they are perfectly free-[T]hey have either to turn round & hold their tongues or admit they are in the wrong-

J. D. Lee sec[onde]d. [A]ll said I [aye].

I want bro Lee to take a solemn, calm, judicious course & not speak unbecoming of his women folks-

J. Y.[:] bro Lees send a letter to Nancy Bean & Martha Berry & all you can get together-I thank God my Heavenly Father, for this doing my duty this day & thank bro Brigham for helping me to do my duty-

J. D. Lee [:] I want to do right-

B. Y.[:] If a woman leaves a good man, they can not do better, but they make their bed in sorrow-[I]f they think they can do better, they will find they are in sorrow-& they will learn by what they suffer-

B. Young[:] /[I]n regard to dancing-/ my charge to the Bishop is-[to] let no man within these doors until he has paid his dollar or copple-[T]hey man commence at 10 oclock in the morning but must close at 9 oclock at night-[T]he “th of the proceeds to go to the Bishop for the poor-the question is-Is there any objection to bro Gates keeping a dancing School in the Council house[?]

Answer-No-[H]e may have a dancing School, on the understanding that br Gates pays “th of the proceeds to Bishop Knights for the benefit of the poor-and brother Gates proposes to pay another fourth to bro. Brigham Young-[T]he School must close each night at 9 oclock- 25 min[utes] to 3 seperate-

9 Decem[be]r. 1847 Council house “ to 11. A.M. Pursuant to appointment and notice given convened-

[O]f the Twelve.[:] W[illard]. Richards., W[ilford]. Woodruff., E[zra]. T. Benson., B[righam]. Young., O[rson] Pratt.

Seventies[:] J[oseph]. Young., Z[era]. Pulsipher., A[lbert]. P. Rockwood., B[enjamin]. S. Clapp., Geo[rge]. D. Grant., J[ohn]. D. Lee. Aaron Johnson. R[eynolds]. C[ahoon].

B. Y.[:] I will now hold my tongue. I have been invited in by you. (turning to Jos. Young.)

Pres[iden]t. J. Young then opened the Council by prayer [at] 24 /min[utes]/ to 12 /n./ and said, I will introduce the subject of our coming together. [I]t is our privilege to have the 12. & we wished them to day. Br J. D. Lee I suppose is one of the Elders of the Seventies-(J D Lee[:] I don t know anything to the contrary.) I don t like to have anything to do in cases where matters so delicate come before us. [A]s to Bro. Lee s carreer. there is not a man in this Council but knows something of Bro Lee & his family. I have turned a deaf ear to those who have come to me about him. I am Bro Lees friend & he mine. & I have never taken any action. [H]is family [is] connected with mine & my Brothers but things have come to my ear so that I cannot longer hold still, & this is a Council of enquiring-[A] doc[ument is] here written of to me-& to enquire of me. I want to ask Bro Lee some questions-& those things proved are a matter of fellowship. I don t interfere in family arra[ngements] but God will not uphold me or my Council, if we don t rebuke iniquity wherever it presents itself. & I have understood that he has said that he is not amenable to anybody but B. Y. R. C. then read two documents, one signed by Nancy Bean [and] the other the offspring of George D Grant-

J. Y.[:] I want Bro Lee to answer yea or nay to these questions as in the presence of God-& he has asked. Who is Joseph Young[?]-& insinuated he belong[s] somewhere not amenable to me.

J D Lee[:] I rise before you under a charge I never expected to have heaped upon me, [but there is] one thing to cheer me, that if I am charged I will not sink unless guilty-[I will] begin at the first point-who is Joseph Young. I did not think any man had more reverence to the authorities & such an expression I never used, nor such a thought never entered into my mind so help me God.

[T]here is a wicked and cruel influence against me in the S[eventies]. Q[uorum]. Camp., but they would not have reasons brought up against me, & they wanted to put a H[igh] Priest in-& I said I was a H[igh] Priest. [I]f I am not a H[igh] P[riest] I dont understand the p[riesthood. S]ome of my good Brethren [are] /so/ afraid of me doing wrong that they wanted to sacrif[ic]e thro[ugh] jealousies before hand lest I should do wrong-[He] told the story about his accusation by the S.Q. Camp & said [there were] enough lies to fill this Council house if each be not larger than a tobacco seed-[I] had come down here from that Camp-[and] when I heard the statements of Nancy Bean. I was thunderstruck-[F]or I am now writing a letter to her, & she visited me lately when I gave her some things to make her clothing, & I further know that if Nancy had not been put [? to it she never would hav

e said anything-I never sent sister Williams off from me-but she had an invitation to go & went with sister Allen-[S]he had done enough for me to send her off-I never recollect of saying to Bro: Grant that if I should be upheld by Brigh[am]. & sit on his right hand-I have reposed secrets in others bosoms but I have learned better-I will make satisfaction to anybody who comes to me alone-& do anything-I have thought that all men hated me, and wondered what the reason was, but it is said Woe to you when all men love you-[I]n Nauvoo I had friends on every side-[W]hen I wanted money I could get it. & I wondered I was troubl[e]d about that principle-for I thought I did not walk right or it would not be so, but this Summer has given me a fulness-[T]here is Bre[thren]. watching iniquity & would sacrifice me for a word-I am sorry that Bre[thren]. take pleasure in it. I have done the best I could last Sumer, & never tried more to do good & be humble than in S.Q. If I ever did, I hope the Lord will never give me Salvation if I dont spoke the truth.

J. Y.[:] You are away from the point. If a man is hemmed up let him admit [it] & that will thro[w] light about him.

G. D. Grant. [A]s to persecuting. I would not do it-I went to fa[ther] Morley & told him that the Bre[thren] were threat[en]ing to shoot one another up at the farm. & I was told by the Council to bring it up. & I have heard those things that he talks off but there are 6 or 7 told me. Bro Campbell has heard him & others. [S]traiten me up if I am wrong. I like to see a man that walks up behind another man, as if he was before him.

J. Y[: L]ast Spring when the stories [had] come down. it went in at one ear & come out at another. [S]ome ask[ed] me is there no salvation but thro[ugh] Bro Lee[?] Bro Levi. Stuart says-

Bro. Lee s mouth is full of all kind of vulgarity. I was invited to Bro. Beans-[but] refused-

[A]fterwards [I] went. & Bro. Campbell wrote as she spoke. Bro. Lee told me that woman to leave him-& I know his things are multiplied & he needs a whipping-[H]e has got some by fraud-

[L]ay every enducement for p[eo]pl[e] to come into my kingdom rather [than] wait till the resurrection & get a kingdom. I want Bro Lee to feel the smart of it. [T]hese things come by a man being too anxious. I offered him ten of the Best men to preside over & a Quorum but he said No, Joseph, he would not accept of any office in this kingdom below the 12 except in your Presid[enc]y-[He had] been a head of the times-[H]e talks of the big head, [and] no man I know has more-[H]e is tyrannical in his family-[W]ill all come from the Camp & say. you are out of the way, and tyrannical. [I]s that all false[?] No. [H]is women say can he save us & the man ask can we have Salvation thro[ugh] anybody else[?] No. says he. Sister Berry says [that] Baudy language has been used as in a strumpet house & she would rather go to Hell than live there. We will cut him off from the 70s Q[u]o[rum, &] if the 12 hold him on he will be held altho not by conviction that it ought to be so.

[H]e says [he] acted like a bad man & used every kind of vulgarity & he gently lead[s] & guide[s] him by a thread-[E]ven the Spirit of the Lord & every man ought to knew this Spirit if he has a kingdom like Lees. [H]e was too officious & dic[tated] the Pres[i]d[enc]y, more than any other man. I knew he had the Big head in Nauvoo. I would just as [soon] le[a]ve go ag[ains]t. any other man as Bro Lee. & Bro Lee as any other man if he is worthy, & the Council of the 70s will deal with Brot Lee & if we deal wrong, then the 12 will deal with us. [I]t is not all Sophistry he can use till night that can reason me out of all I know. It has been th[e] Bre[thre]n, are all those good Bre[thren] lieing about him[? W]hat would I think if I threatened to cut my wife s throat-or send been coaxed into my family[?] I knew Bro Lee started wrong-[U]ntil he is used so he can become like wax & be ready to be moulded into any mould no man need cloak up. [A]s he has these charges. he has not denied them, but [does] try to cover them up. [A]s to who Jos. Young is, Bro Lee, I have no feelings about that-[R]eproof is good for you-you must take it. [A]nd as to this threatening men s lives- & vulgarity, its wrong. [A]re your statements [about] Sister Martha Berry, are they true[? H]ave you been fraudently coaxed into this kingdom, & [if] these things are true you can be liberated-& I doe believe if one half of the stories [are] true that they can all be liberated-I am glad I am in the presence of those who know better than me.

J D Lee-I am not going to deny. [I]t is useless to say anything in justification, & if it is my unfortunate lot to be hewn down & cut up & melted like wax. I will try & become melted & go into any mould you want to me-& I want the Bre[thren] to hold on to me as long as I can & see if I cannot become like clay.-when men [A]ll I want is that things come ought straight-& some where they have the ax will feel differently. Martha Berrys mother sgt. in the first place. I am in your hands-& I have tried to do the best but perhaps doing [I have been doing] wrong all the time. I hope some [good] things will come out. [A]s to Bro Johnson, I will prophecy his race will be short-

B. Y.[:] Not if I keep him he wont. G D Grant[:] I believe that.

J. D. Lee. I believe Bro Snarr [?] [is] as well satisfied as any other man.

B. Y.[:] Are you satisfied you Pres[iden]ts[?] A[lbert]. P. R[ockwood]. I think Bro Joseph has hoed him pretty severly but all for good.

B. Y.[:] We cut & slash each other here, but we have got to learn that this is the place to let it come as it is in us if it should be like the forked lightning-or like the gentle rain & we should not leave here but until we could kiss one another, but out of here it sleeps in eternal oblivion. never to be raked up.-

A. P. R. told a story about Bro Johnsons having told him that Lee said if the Law of God [is] put in execution My head should leave my body-because I did not let him dance the third turn after he had danced the two successive figures of the tre after he came in.

J. D. Lee. told the story for he just came in. I was going away so he wanted to dance- successively. I felt about it very keenly-but we settled it there. [It was] a calculation to conspire ag[ains]t. me.

B. Y.[: A]ll you say about other men-will turn ag[ains]t. you.

J. D. Lee. I want to see sister Martha Berry, [and] talke to her kindly. [I] saw [that] something [was] the matter-[S]he told me her Mo[ther]. said that when B. Y. came back you cut off from the church.

B. L. C.[: O]ld Lady Sister Berry-asked me the same question as Bro Joseph. & I told Martha to keep her covenant-& the time would roll round when I thought Bro Lee would make her happy., at least if he felt as I did he would. Bro Lee, like myself, [is] a passionate man-[I]t would be my joy to see Bro. Lee redeem himself. I have no reprove to give him. Joseph has reproved him.

[S]omething said in Bro Lee s statements as if I or Joseph had used an influence with Nancy Bean to say as she has. [But] it is not so. I took her to Mo. as he says. & I went in there to Beans at the request of Bro Joseph. & I council & advice [advise] Bro Lee to humble [himself] & get the Sp[i]r[it] of the Lord.

B. Y.[: D]id you say to Nancy Bean that what you have done you have done by Bro Brighams council & as he did with his women in flogging[?]

J. D. Lee. Nancy [is] very ungovernable & if p[eo]pl[e] knew how I would be used [they would] feel different. I councilled with her & reasoned with her-[but] she said she would do as she pleased-[It] caused Louisa to be dissatisfied. [I] took a walk with her-[and she] put me at defiance-[I] said to Nancy you have been sealed to me-& you look to me for your salvation-

[S]he said to hell with your Council. [T]hen I picked up a switch & struck her once. [S]he humbled herself-& I took her in my arms. & she did well for a long time.

J. Y.[:] I have heard that you have switched or choked your old wife.

J. D. Lee[:] No I have not. [W]e never would have had a bit of trouble if it had not been for persons interfering with my family. All my family positively say I did not strick

Nancy with the Brick bat-neither did I ever kick her.

J. Y.[:] You go before your calling & it will react back upon you to your condemnation-& if a man has illicit connexion with a woman it will react upon him.

J. Young[:] Bro Lee, got a head of me out of sight he cannot retain his standing unless he is reformed. & he has travelled with me-& he has done those things & I fellowship for him. These feelings in me have been stirring in me for a year-Bre[thre]n. say-Joseph what do you say about these things, [do you] cut off a man for a little offence[?]-[B]ut others go unpunished-[I]s God a respecter of persons[?] Bro Lee is a man inflexible as the marble & is determined & will accomplish as things. [B]ut I will reprove him & admonish him.

J. D. Lee.[:] Thats right Joseph. I could wash his feet if he [was] humble & could anoint him once again. & [I] will never turn a deaf ear to his cries if they are right.

Bro Lee [was] crying out.

E. T. B.[:] Joseph Smith motioned that Jos Young be a Pres[iden]t. of the 70 in time & all eternity. B. Y.[: A]s long as he is faithful. H C K.[:] I knew Joseph would /be/ faithful. B. Y.[:] I knew it too, but I rule take care when I make cov[enan]ts.

B. Y.[:] I want to say a few things. Bro Lee has intimated that some have feelings-Bro Geo has. I can talk of a man & have no private feelings. Bro G[eorge]. D. Grant has no feelings only to do right. & now to Bro Lee. I am a judge of Spirits. I knew what Joseph has said is spiritualy true & Joseph has no feelings-[B]ut what are right & correct[?] I know it is. I have trembled for Bro Lee. & he has not got wisdom to accomplish what he has on his hands, [the] same with his farm. I expect he has done wrong in the division of the Land. & so has f[ath]e[r] morly, but it is a slip. Bro Lee has not been in a situation to receive reproof-it kills him. Bro Lee has taken 70 acres right thro. & the Bre[thren] had to go off to the timber to cultivate 2 acres. [H]is mind grasps more than he can manage. I heard a good deal of Bro Lees family & it puts me in mind of the Connecticut traveller.

Bro Lee has got women there that are disgusted with such vulgarity. I have told Bro Lee to separate his family & I know that women cant live many of them together without making fish of one & flesh of the other. I never have any difficulty-I let every one do as they please & give them sweet cake-

[I]f I would undertake to straiten matters the thread [would] break [and] the garment would not hold.

J. D.Lee,[:] What am I to do Bro Joseph[?]

J. Y.[:] I can only answer qualifiedly as far as concerns me & my fellowship & the 70. [T]hey have got to see a straight course & then p arranged with your family, so that they dont come to me [for] its all the time arrows & death. [T]hey must be liberated, set free, & I feel as tho[ugh] a man like you ought to call on the Lord & get salt. & salt your family. it will [Y]ou have lost the fellowship of 2/3 of the Quo[rum]. [I]t is no way to excuse yourself & say-I ll try to do the right thing,-but you cant get it if you justify yourselve[s]-

B. Y.[:] If they are in a palace & feels bound they are not satisfied-I would say to all sealed to me that I am willing to give you free and at liberty-& give you a writing & I have been out of the way, but set you [at] liberty, & If I can do anything for you I am willing. I just know that the Br love Bro Lee but his course-I have trembled for Bro Lee. [I] knew his disposition & mind., lest he should soar to where he would lose his Balance to rise no more. [There is] no other course for Bro Lee. but to give every liberty to all belonging him then he will feel free-If you get a woman that is so righteous when punched sore she would not lie. It s a miracle. Men & women are n & n. I know of instances in the Ch[urch] [where] 90 tim[es] or 100. he will tell you the truth, 99 times out of a man where /you will get/ once a woman to an[swer]. [T]ake a sister & she will cry and look & live in the name of the Lord. [W]hen a man will tell the truth. Men are honest-but women have to be dependent of men for their Salvation, You get a woman that wont lie when punched hard enough & if she wont lie, she is a miracle. I ll tell you I never love a woman so wel[l] that I cannot say good bye. [W]hen men have their affections placed in a woman then they can put a sting-but if you can give all your women a discharge & feel well-I say I m glad to get a preaching Hallelugh-Glory- & when a man dont feel so he is in bondage & I feel will never put fetter in my life. Happy-thats the matter with John, he has loved his women too much & frigged them too much. [T]o be a good seaman-let him be f[aith]f[u]l, [and] in the time of a storm let a man be true to his friends & in [a] storm then it will go sleek in a calm. I feel as tho I would want an acre for a stand if I could get to preach to the world.

Dr. W. R.[:] 20 & & 5 min[utes]. & “all is undoubtedly well.”

J. Y.[:] Whats the decision of this Council.

B. Y.[:] I decide that your saying to Bro Lee is true & just (aye all round).

J. Y.[:] I move that Bro Lee does with his family as B. Y. stays.

J. D. Lee[:] I second that. B. Y.[:] I will tell you, get his (Lees) family to gether, [and] you attend [to] it & I wil[l]. if not interfered with other app[ointmen]ts., & tell them they are free. & the Pres[iden]ts. of the 70s there & sit down & give them liberty-[W]hat have they to say. They will either turn round-& say-we are in the fault & mean to stick to Bro Lee-or else go. & never speak.

J. Y.[:] Bro Lee [do] you second that[?] J D L[:] Yes-(Aye all round).

B. Y.[:] That set[s] all [blank] & I want those who stick to Bro Lee to be treated judiciously, calmly, & uprightly-[In] his family, [there are] some good yet [but] there are some that want to get to hear with their tongues loosened.

J. D. Lee[: S]ome of my family [are] scattered-

J. Y.[:] I thank my God & my heavenly father that I have redeemed my word-& Bro Brig[ham] & his Council have helped me to do it.

J. D. Lee.[:] B. Y. says he has trembled for me-I know its so-I thought what should I do to day, [and] felt as if I wanted to be struck out of existence & then think it is was foolishness-I long to see the day when my work will be accepted. & when I shall not have to get over come?

B. Y.[:] If a man suffers & is poor & his family leaves him because he is poor, they cant come it, & these things-[W]hen they leave John they will lie down in sorrow-& you have got to let them suffer before they can learn-John has done well in some things and what does his women need to kick him to pieces for they will lay down in sorrow.

B. Y.[:] Bishop Knight. I give you [a] charge that you have no dances here but what will be $1 for a /every/ couple that comes in, & you close the doors by 9 P. M. precisely.-By Bishop The question was asked if there was any objection to Bro: H. Gates keeping a dancing school on this side of the river & on the other. Ans[wer:] No.

It was agreed that he give one fourth to Bishop Knight & another to B. Young. Meeting dismissed [at] 20 min[utes] to 3.