“Why does it matter?” asked my SP after not being able to address any of the church problems.

Here was my answer…

The stake president has stewardship and powers of divine judgement over 10 congregations, 10 other bishops, roughly 3000 people, and he had never heard of these issues, had no insight to offer, and in fact asked me, “what difference does it make?” regarding there being no evidence that the BoM was true (other than people’s impression of ‘the spirit’) but much evidence that it wasn’t. “If it helps you be a better father and husband, what difference does any of this stuff make?” His question shocked me. It makes a difference because the truth matters. It especially matters when that claim of truth is the basis for divine authority of judgement of a man’s soul, of his worthiness, of his standing before God, his righteousness to be with his wife through eternity! It matters when dependence is created on the doctrine of these claims. It matters because there are countless obligations of how one should or shouldn’t live their life, and with that burden comes countless ways we feel guilt, shame, and it defines the degree to which we are disappointing or making proud God almighty! It matters because the church asks for thousands of dollars from people’s paychecks, countless hours of service, and obedience to leaders. It matters because the church asks young men to spend years of their life preaching this as the one truth on earth, to postpone schooling and careers in order to do so. It matters because hiding these facts about the religion prevents people from making up their own hearts and minds and coming to a healthy relationship with the church of which they are a part. It matters because once people find out these things later in life they have a traumatic faith crisis. Instead of having a healthy evaluation of their faith in their youth with all the facts at a time when they are independent and can find the balance of beliefs that they will be comfortable with, they stumble upon these things later in life when spouses and children are now dependent upon them and have in turn trusted them to teach them “the truth” when in fact they have unknowingly perpetuated lies or hidden the truth. These reasons and so many more are why it matters. It matters very much.

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