Some interviews in the LDS Church may become highly invasive.

One former Mormon described their experience. They had a girlfriend who had slept with other boys but not this particular boy. The boy moved to Utah, and eventually the girl confessed and blamed it on this boy:

… Upon going back to the bishop to report (the therapist also made it clear that it was vitally important that I tell bishop I was in a fight in middle school; Bishop didn’t give a shit and was mildly confused), imagine my surprise when he told me my old bishop had called him! Yes, my old girlfriend was apparently guilty from all the sex she had, and decided to blame it all on me (I assume because I was out of her picture and it wouldn’t cause drama, had she named the people still living near her).

This launched nightly interviews with the Stake President, in which I was essentially put on trial before him. They were very aggressive and intimidating interviews, but I defended myself appropriately. After all, I was innocent. But that man knew in his heart that I had done it, and he was going to prove it. This continued almost every day for about a month.

One interview, he brought my parents in with me and pulled screenshots from my Facebook that he admitted to stalking for the past few days. He had gone all the way back to the beginning of middle school, showing my parents all the posts I swore in, all the offensive videos I shared, anything that was remotely contrary to the Church. He used me sharing some song lyrics that vaguely alluded to sex as evidence that I had sex with the girl. (Little did he know, the song was actually about Jesus lol :3) He made my mom cry. None of this had anything to do with the old girlfriend - my mother and I had to handwrite out statements that I was innocent, which we were told were sent off to the 12 apostles to be judged by them, and I assume are still sitting in some drawer to this day.