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I was 9 the first time my parents made me go confess masturbation to the bishop. Nine years old. Guilt over it destroyed me growing up and I went to confess to at least 5 more bishops over the remaining years of my youth. 2 of those times I had nothing new to confess, I just needed help with the guilt. One bishop told me, “Wow. Girls masturbating is rare. (which is completely false) That means you have a good sex drive and will have a very lucky husband.” 😡😡😡 Who says that to a CHILD? One told me, “I can’t help you. I’m not a therapist” and sent me away. He was correct. He wasn’t a therapist. But it was the first sign I had that the whole thing had greatly contributed to mental illness. When I went in for my mission papers interview with my stake president he was one of the bishops I’d seen as a youth. He asked me the law of chastity question and then told me he didn’t believe me when I told him I had nothing to confess. I truly didn’t. He sent me away without signing my papers because he said he felt there was more than I was telling him. I left the interview and didn’t serve a mission. I still deal with unfounded guilt. I’m just sad that it took me another 27 years to learn how unfounded it really is.