Many believing members are supportive of those who decide to leave the LDS Church.

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Her parents attended the same student ward as my parents when they all went to ucla together. We’ve known each other since birth and I’ve been hella afraid at how a tbm would react - especially that tbm. She said she supported me, doesn’t understand the churches policy on ‘ssa’ (I’m gay) and would be there as I go through the process of ending my mission early. It turns out better than you’d think :’) Edit: she just competed her mission on temple square and is preparing to be married in the temple!

Thank you so much for being kind, good, honest, caring people. Thank you for never abandoning me

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I will say this, in person, to my family when I next see them, but I just want to get this off my chest semi-anonymously as well. I am so grateful for a family that loved me when I quit the church (at a young age as well). I’m grateful, that I can talk to my father about religion, politics, and life, and we both walk away happy and having learned something from the other. I’m so grateful that some of the adult Mormons from my childhood ward still smile and say hi if they see me and they don’t seem to ever judge me. I’m grateful that although it was a hard transition for immediate and extended family, and sometimes they made mistakes and said hurtful things, that I was still never shunned or unwelcome. I always knew I was loved and welcome, despite my choices. I’m grateful that my family stood by me through the worst of my assholeishness toward them and their religion. They still just loved me. Oh we fought…especially as both family members and I had maturing and growing to do. But I never felt unloved.

I’m so grateful that my family loves all their children and grandchildren despite the fact that many of us have left the church. I’m glad, that as the oldest, I made it easier on younger siblings and cousins when they left. (Family had already been through it with me, the loud angry child. The quiet, just quit going to church people didn’t really have to go through some of the shit I did. Still, “shit” is the mistakes they made when talking to me, I was still always loved.)

I did lose some “friends” but due to my age in my neighborhood, I was ahead 1 grade in school, so those friends grew distant before I went through my raging anti-mo phase, plus I was always kind of an outcast thanks to where I grew up and having a personality and style of my own. But my true friends never bailed on me.

I’m so sorry for everyone here whose families put the church first and disowned you or made your lives hell. I can’t even fathom that, because my paradigm was so different. Because of my TBM family, I finally don’t have a chip on my shoulder regarding the church. I’m learning to live and let live, and if you’re a good person trying honestly to be kind and good to everyone, regardless of race, religion, sexuality, etc. I’m ok with you.

So, to my family that will never see this post, thank you so much for being kind, good, honest, caring people. Thank you for never abandoning me. Thank you for always loving me, even when I was an insufferable ass. I’m so happy I have such a strong relationship with you all, despite our varying beliefs. And to everyone else out there, if your paradigm was/is the complete opposite, I hope your families come around and bonds can be rebuilt.

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When I walked away from the church my family was supportive and understanding, largely due to my sister leaving before me and my parents just understanding the gospel of love. …

Every … person in my life [except family] responded positively to me.

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