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Secret Ordinances, the Second Anointing, and Lying for the Lord

This is simply a case-study of lying for the Lord (the practice that many Mormon prophets seem to employ when lying in public to keep sacred things secret).

Bruce McConkie wrote in 1980, while an apostle,

There are no private doctrines. All of the doctrines and practices of the Church are taught publicly. There are no secret doctrines, no private practices, no courses of conduct approved for a few only. The blessings of the gospel are for all men. Do not be deceived into believing that the General Authorities believe any secret doctrines or have any private ways of living. Everything that is taught and practiced in the Church is open to public inspection, or, at least, where temple ordinances are concerned, to the inspection and knowledge of everyone who qualifies himself by personal righteousness to enter the house of the Lord.

(Sermons & Writings of Bruce R. McConkie, p234)

But the thing is, the second anointing is a “private practice… approved for a few only”. And as /u/Nebulata has recently posted, the practice has been recently confirmed.

We also know of Boyd Packer’s “unwritten order of things”. Unfortuantely for Bruce, this counts as a secret doctrine because it is known by only those who have had the time and proximity to learn it from others.

Of course, we cannot reasonably conclude that Bruce did not know of the second anointing or did not abide by the unwritten order of things. Therefore, he is either guilty of doublespeak and doublethink (simultaneously believing and saying contradictory things), or he is lying. Both options are equally immoral. Both options are signs of a false prophet. And this is only a case study. Both options are emblematic of LDS church leadership.

As pointed out by /u/Fuzzy_Thoughts here, the second anointing was recently confirmed by a 2nd and 3rd witness, Hans and Birgitta Mattsson.