Note that Elizabeth Brotherton (“Martha Brotherton’s sister” who “sent a letter, stating that Marth was a liar”) by this time (1850) had been married polygamously to Parley P. Pratt for about 6.5 years.

January 1, 1850

(emphasis added)


12th Lie.—Joseph Smith taught a system of polygamy.

12th Refutation.—The Revelations given through Joseph Smith, state the following:—“If any commit adultery, they shall be dealt with according to the law of God.” Page 127.—“He that looketh upon a woman to lust after her; or, if any commit adultery in their hearts, they shall not have the Spirit.” Page 150.—“Thou shalt love they wife, and shalt cleave unto her, and none else.” Page 124.—“We believe that one man should have one wife.” Doctrine and Covenants, page 331.

13th Lie.—That Joseph Smith tried to seduce Martha Brotherton.

13th Refutation.—Mr. Bowes knows that Martha Brotherton’s sister sent a letter, stating that Martha was a liar; William Clayton did the same. Both are published in the Millenial Star, Vol. 3, pages 73, 74.