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The scriptures predicted all of this

the scriptures predicted all of this

You can track earthquakes around the world (e.g., here, here, or here). Same old, same old.

Bill Gates predicted an outbreak like coronavirus in 2015 (and obviously he’s not a scientist, so his prediction is coming from them). His relatively vague prediction is far more accurate than anything the scriptures or modern prophets say. Because science works.

the prophet is right

It was the official position of the Church (published in official literature) that you could pray away your gay. The gay, atheist, liberal sex researchers figured it out way before the prophet. Those are the people making accurate predictions about the world, it seems.

Also, compare something like pubmed with the Word of Wisdom. Science gives us so much more resolution and accuracy on topics of health and well-being than anything spoken over an LDS pulpit.


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