Basic Data

  1. Spiritual Witnesses (youtube)
  2. Testimonies of Other Faiths (collection of anecdotes)
  3. Psychology related to spiritual experiences (LDS professor Jesse James)
  4. Can prayer determine the will of God? (preliminary study)
  5. Elevation Emotion Studies (compilation of peer reviewed research )

Analyses, interpretations, or questions

  1. Testimony, spiritual experiences, and truth: A careful examination (analysis)
  2. Testimony / Feeling the Spirit (Mormon Stories resource page)
  3. Questions to Ask: section on Spiritual Confirmation and Priesthood Guidance
  4. The parts of an LDS spiritual experience (short analysis)
  5. Hermetically Sealed Systems in LDS Thought (pdf)
  6. “A Different Way of Knowing”: The uses of irrationality … and its limitations” (Greta Christina essay)
  7. How do you know?
  8. Comment on “salt” (reddit post)
  9. On epistemology from DebateAnAtheist (reddit post)
  10. Another circularity (reddit post)
  11. 5 Questions about spiritual experiences and real intent
  12. Appeals to Personal Experience (Matt Dillahunty lecture)
  13. Dealing with “Inner Witness” claims (Matt Dillahunty)
  14. Counter apologetics: CA42 Argument From Personal Experience (podcast)
  15. Faith vs. religious faith
  16. What are the goods of “elective faith” (reddit post)
  17. The Triple Path (especially chapter 5)
  18. MormonThink - Testimony & Spiritual Witnesses
  19. Brian Dunning - Principles of Curiosity (youtube)
  20. Comment on evidence


  1. Fuzzy_Thoughts and Craytun1 discuss witnesses and epistemology
  2. Reinterpreting spiritual experiences
  3. Critique of Mormonado’s “Faith is NOT belief” episode

Special insight and amazing coincidences

  1. Brian Dunning - Precognition (youtube, beginning at ~19:55) Original analysis by Charpak and Broch
  2. Derren Brown - Cold Readings (youtube, relates to patriarchal and priesthood blessings)
  3. Derren Brown - “Intervention” experiment (youtube, demonstrates that we see intervention if we look for it regardless of whether an agent is responsible).

Street Epistemology

Street epistemology sessions with Latter-day Saints:

  1. Street Knowledge
  2. Deep Discussions
  3. Anthony Magnabosco



  1. FairMormon - Can We Trust Our Feelings
  2. FairMormon - Is the “burning in the bosom” a reliable method of determining truth?
  3. FairMormon - Why do I “feel the spirit” when watching movies?
  4. FairMormon - “Feeling the spirit” while listening to ex-Mormon “exit stories”

Conflict of Justice

  1. Why Did Latter-Day Saints ‘Feel The Spirit’ From Paul H. Dunn’s Made-Up Stories?
  2. Is God’s Method Of Revealing Truth Through ‘Feelings’ Effective?
  3. Why Does Following The Holy Ghost Sometimes Lead To Failure?
  4. Can We Feel The Spirit From R-Rated Movies?

Uplift Community of Faith

  1. Latter-Day Saint Epistemology
  2. Faith Crisis 101

acknowledgement: Many of these were first compiled into list form by /u/fuzzy_thoughts here including several posts and videos that I wasn’t previously aware of. He also alerted me to one of the street epistemology videos and the Dunning videos.