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On May 3, 2021 under the handle “Faenrandir Turion” I posted the following response to the video from the Joseph Smith Foundation Part 2: Debunking Rough Stone Rolling’s Treasure Digging Sources with REAL Data:

The primary claim that historians acknowledge due to substantial historical documentation is that Joseph practiced at least some forms of folk magic. Whether or not the Smith family was “lazy” (or respectable) is somewhat beside the point. Historians are trained in examining primary documentation and testimony and trying to neutralize bias. And there is plenty of good historical documentation implicating Joseph in the use of a seer stone (e.g., see JSP Introduction to People v. JS In addition, a large number of eyewitness testimonies, all of them sympathetic to the divinity of Joseph Smith’s translation, recount the use of the seer stone or at least Joseph putting his face in the hat during the translation (including William Smith, whom you quoted earlier):

Thank you for considering.


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