Using scientific and secular models I have generated a prophecy in the language of scripture. Like most religious prophecies, this prediction as good a prophecy as almost any produced by the religious sphere (i.e., my prediction lacks a great deal of specificity—see the appendix).

A secular prophecy

Originally predicted on March 19, 2020.

Verily, I say unto all the inhabitants of the earth who have ears to hear:

  1. Earthquakes will continue to ravage the land, verily many cities will suffer

    Earthquakes will continue at roughly the same rate as they always have, but maybe a bit more than normal in the US west/midwest because of wastewater injection from fracking. Plus, as population density increases until we hit the 12B mark, we’ll notice the earthquakes more as more human structures are impacted

  2. An earthquake such as has not been known before will hit Salt Lake City, lives will be lost and many buildings destroyed

    The fault in Salt Lake County is well studied. It’s at ~1200 years in a ~1000 year cycle, so it’s overdue and will likely be big. To the people living there, it will be the biggest earthquake they will have ever experienced.

  3. The seas will rage beyond their bounds and the cries of many will reach the heavens as they lose their homes and become migrants, yeah even as the children of Israel cast out of Egypt

    Because we haven’t taken climate change seriously, which the scientists have been telling us about for decades. We know how much sea levels will rise and we know how many cities/settlements are on the coasts. It’s just math.

  4. Plagues will fall upon the children of men as the locusts brought with the East wind

    Because animals are related via evolution and viruses sometimes jump hosts and so take a bit to establish a new host equilibrium. “New” viruses happen, as we were warned in 2015 by prophet Gates

  5. Markets will crash and men will despair

    Because incentives are aligned behind growth and not sustainability and we privatize profits and socialize losses, then we end up with investment that outstrips investment risk and it will continue as long as those forces are in place.

Appendix: Specificity

Those who make prophecies often make them vague enough that they are almost meaningless. If a prophecy is dealing with events that are relatively common, then those prophecies require a certain degree of specificity to have much meaning.

For instance, because earthquakes are so common, for an earthquake prediction to be meaninful, it should include:

  1. A date and time
  2. An epicenter location (let’s say, 1/2 mile radius)
  3. A magnitude

Original draft posted here.