At the end of the LDS Seminary 2017 Student Learning Assessment Packet (New Testament), students were surveyed:

I ____ this is true [know, believe, sort of believe, don’t know if] How much do you care about this doctrine? [It is very important to me, It is important to me, It is somewhat important to me, It is not important to me]

  1. God the Father is the Father of our spirits.
  2. Jesus Christ is the head of the Church
  3. My trials in this life are small compared to the eternal blessings that will come if I faithfully endure them.
  4. There are three kingdoms of glory
  5. God’s grace is sufficient to strengthen me in my weaknesses
  6. The Lord’s Church is founded upon prophets and apostles
  7. The priesthood is bestowed according to God’s will.
  8. A covenant is a sacred agreement between God and man
  9. Happiness in family life is most likely to be achieved when founded upon the teachings of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  10. If I keep God’s commandments and receive His grace through faith in Jesus Christ, I can enter the celestial kingdom.
  11. God restored the gospel of Jesus Christ to prepare the earth’s inhabitants for Jesus Christ’s Second Coming

How much do you care about this? [It is very important to me, It is important to me, It is somewhat important to me, It is not important to me] How often do you apply this? [Frequently and consistently, Often, Sometimes, Rarely or never]

The New Testament teaches the importance of ____.

  1. living in a way that allows me to have the companionship of the Holy Ghost
  2. faithfully overcoming trials so I can be prepared to enter the celestial kingdom
  3. relying on the Savior to overcome temptation
  4. becoming fully converted to Jesus Christ by choosing to live His gospel.
  5. studying the teachings of prophets and apostles
  6. sustaining Church leaders, who are called by God to lead His Church
  7. performing temple work for those who have died without receiving saving ordinances
  8. becoming a faithful follower of Jesus Christ so I can be a blessing to my family
  9. choosing to obey God over all others

After you complete this survey, take a minute to write down what you feel will help deepen your tesimony of these doctrines and principles. Ideas may include setting a goal to start doing some of the activities included in the survey more frequently or more sincerely or to share what you know about the gospel with friends or family or at church.