Latter-day Saints, like most believers of the Bible, take for granted that witchcraft or sorceries exist on some level, but they may be nuanced about magic’s efficacy (for example).

Generally speaking, the similarities between LDS practices and magic are freely admitted. Although aspects of his book are considered controversial, the following statement in Bruce R. McConkie’s Mormon Doctrine entry on “Magic” is not likely to be controversial to Latter-day Saints:

In imitation of true religion with its miracles, signs and gifts of the Spirit, Satan has substitute rituals and practices called magic. … In its nature magic is the art which produces effects by the assistance of supernatural beings or by a master of secret forces in nature …

Potential similarities

Due to the various shades of meaning found in the world of magic and the inherently imprecise nature of analogy, some of the categories below will overlap to varying degrees with other categories. Categories and matches are inherently fuzzy.

Magical term/category A Latter-day Saint analogue
ghosts spirits of the dead
magic priesthood
scrying or lithomancy seer stones
casting spells prayers
banishing casting out by raising arm to the square
ritual incantations hosannah shouts, sacraments, bow head and say “yes”
enchantments dedicating a home, sealing powers
aura countenance
demonic possession break temple covenants then satan has power over them
astrology prophecy, sometimes including new stars to appear
dark magic the power of Satan
conjuring inviting dark spirits
a coven societies and quorums
hexes or curses dusting off the feet
elemental lords a devil with the power over the waters
seances spirits of the dead can accompany in the temple
shamanism commanding the elements, if faithful
talismans against evil garments
holy oils or crystals holy oil
fortune-telling patriarchal blessings
clairsentience discernment
naked rituals old initiatory was performed naked, later with shield
dowsing the gift of Aaron (or working with the rod)
clairvoyance revelations
left/right-hand paths left hand or right hand of God

Adapted from /u/Rushclock here, originally list by /u/curious_mormon