1. The author or translator must be only twenty years of age or younger when he or she produces the work.
  2. The author or translator cannot receive financial support from outside sources during the course of the project but must financially support himself or herself and an associate for the duration of the work.
  3. The inspired text must consist of no less than 300,000 words, without being artificially expanded by the incorporation of extensive passages from other texts, especially the Bible.
  4. When describing historical events and circumstances, the subject must frequently refer to known historical events and traditions that witnesses can independently verify for accuracy, using sources outside the text.
  5. The author must predict the existence of a planet in the solar system before the scientific community has discovered that same celestial body.
  6. When in a visionary state, the revelator must have the ability to utter phrases in Greek, Hebrew, Latin, and Sanskrit, even though the subject has never studied such languages, and then have a reputable university professor of Hebrew witness and verify such a feat.
  7. The author must have had no more than 5 months of formal education.

From The Book of Mormon and the Limits of Naturalistic Criteria: Comparing Joseph Smith and Andrew Jackson Davis, with minor modification and expansion (the 7th point is mine, but was derived from the publication).