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Hi! First a bit of background: I’m BIC, seminary graduate, RM, married in temple, yada, yada. I’ve been out 10 years, resigned about 2 years ago. Anyway, I’m an agnostic atheist and very nerdy. I am into sci-fi and fantasy and the idea of Wicca appeals to me, even though I don’t believe in literal magic spells. I do believe in following my own path and letting others do the same, positive thinking, meditation and focusing on what you want to achieve. So, I got a book on how to be a witch to read for fun. It had some good advice in there about positivity and I decided to try it.

Recently my husband started a new and stressful job and he has been grumpy when he gets home. I started to work a spell on him so that he would be nice to me. I concentrated on what I wanted him to do. I thought of the God and Goddess and the power of the universe as I chanted “always a blessing, it always works” a few times a day and I smiled a lot. After two days, he bought me a dozen roses and a sweet card about how I am his dream come true. He hasn’t given me flowers in years. OMG! I am a witch. I knew it!

So, either Wicca has the same power to answer prayers, find lost keys etc…as praying to the mormon god or confirmation bias is a thing that we do as humans because we are always looking for patterns to make sense of this chaotic world. Those tender mercies? yep, confirmation bias. Wicca spells? same thing.