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I’m not sure how you didn’t already know about the seer stone and Joseph’s polygamy. It was there all the time. Perhaps you didn’t pay attention in Sunday School or do enough research.

But at the same time …

Stay away from Google. You don’t need to research these things, you simply need to have faith.


Although the second position is often implied more than stated (so, it is exaggerated for effect), this is a good representation of the tension that those who leave feel between not having studied enough and then contravening the conventional wisdom to avoid too much digging, especially from unapproved sources.

The “stay away from Google” idea is represented, more gently, in one of Ballard’s recent talks. The idea that research will not solve the problems of a faith crisis is represented in a recent Oaks message to young married couples in Chicago. The idea that researching the details is not especially important, particularly from critical sources—which will only make you feel dark—is from Corbridge’s recent devotional.

The idea that members should have known all the various details which have barely been represented is frequently suggested by apologists on reddit. It was also been suggested by Cook (?) in the recent face to face at Nauvoo discussing Church History. Ballard and others have also suggested that they have not hidden anything.

need to dig up exact quotes and links from each