Many theological doctrines and themes advanced in the Book of Mormon appear to have had close precursors, variants, or a deep foundation in, the theology and thought of the early 1800s. The best sources and examples are here:

Book of Mormon parallels to 1800s thought

Other sources or analyses, listed below, may also have merit.

Reminiscent sources

The following sources also seem reminiscent of the Book of Mormon in some way(s):

  1. Similarities with Le Morte d’Arthur
  2. Lamoni vs. Launcelot
  3. Similarities between Dartmouth professor John Smith’s writings and the Book of Mormon
  4. Slippery treasure (ArchimedesPPL)
  5. Secret combinations
  6. Fascination with ancient America demonstrated with newspaper articles
  7. The Book of Mormon and 12 points of Pelagius
  8. Arminianism in the Book of Mormon (comment by FuzzyThoughts)
  9. Jesus sweat drops of blood out of pores a common 1800s argument, with commentary on it in Clarke’s bible notes
  10. The Glory of America 1801 sermon by Rev. Timothy Alden Jr delivered in New Hampshire (discussion here)
  11. Isaiah references broken up on KJV chapter demarcation
  12. Darkness which may be felt; feel the vapor of darkness
  13. The Methodist Episcopal Church Sunday School Union, Child’s Magazine, 1827 and Alma 37:34-37 (Indiethoughtz)
  14. Joshua 8 as a potential source for military tactics (Y_chromosomalAdam)
  15. Similarities between the New Madrid, Missouri earthquakes of 1811/1812 (similarities based on this description)
  16. Anachronistic Biblical Phrasing
  17. The Apocrypha contains the story of Judith reminiscent of Nephi, who smote off the head of a wicked, drunk man. See “A List of Parallels” at UTLMs Joseph Smith’s Use of the Apocrypha. FairMormon response

Other compilations or analyses

  1. Similarities between King Benjamin’s speech and the early 1800s milieu (bwv549)
  2. Other protestant material in the Book of Mormon
  3. 19th Century Protestant Phrases in Book of Mormon
  4. Possible sources of plagiarism for Joseph Smith
  5. Original Stories of the Book of Mormon
  6. Motif criticism-anachronist theology