Richard Bushman, well-known Mormon historian, stated:

… there is phrasing everywhere–long phrases that if you google them you will find them in 19th century writings. The theology of the Book of Mormon is very much 19th century theology, and it reads like a 19th century understanding of the Hebrew Bible as an Old Testament …

And Blake Ostler, another well-known Mormon scholar, has noted:

Many Book of Mormon doctrines are best explained by the nineteenth-century theological milieu.

In many ways, at least, the theological debates, doctrines, and themes advanced in the early 1800’s milieu seem to be reflected—sometimes quite substantially—in the Book of Mormon.

Shorter documents with more narrow focus

Each of these analyses is significant in its own right, but these are comparatively minor compilations and analyses. Please consult the extensive compilations to fully appreciate the extent of the parallels.

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  7. The Book of Ether and A Key to the Chronology of the Hindus (Keri Toponce)
  8. 650 phrases from the New Testament in the BoM (BYU Professor Nick Frederick)

Extensive compilations or analyses

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